Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lezama Lima's "Paradiso"

Well...finishing Jose Lezama Lima's "Paradiso" is, by far, the hardest read I have ever accomplished. Lezama Lima had to be the most educated man that I have ever come across. The references to ancient Greece, the Romans, French literature of every period, obscure music past but great contemporary composers (of his time) like Bartok and great works of art are mind-numbing. There are chapters that are like Plato's "Symposium." And when I thought I had surpassed all my inadequacies, he hits me w/ the last 3 chapters. I need somebody to explain them to me. But I did it and I'm very excited. What a work-out! Can't wait till the essay in "50 Books..." comes up in discussion.

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Tim said...

Congratulations! I too am looking forward to our discussion of the Reitsma essay. Please bring your copy of Paradiso with you. I'm hoping that between the essay, the discussion, and the copy in hand I'll be able to pretend I've read all 466 pages.