Thursday, March 16, 2017

Covering Eddy



The covers for The End of Eddy  (reading left to right, top to bottom): French, English, and (gasp) American (is this the promised end!?). The very end, lower right, is Eddy or Édouard himself. Publishers would have to be crazy (and don't we know already they are) not to use this somewhere on the cover (back, inside or outside flap). M. Louis, at 24, has already accomplished enough to have his own (and quite respectable) Wikipedia page. (No, I'm not going to provide a link. You all know how to wiki-pedia, non? )

"The Epidemic of Gay Loneliness"

This interesting essay by Michael Hobbes has just been published online in the HuffPo's new Highline series. It argues, with stories and studies, that gay men have never been more isolated! Partly that's the bedrock matter of spending time in the Closet and having to Come Out of It (or to Stay In It). Partly, however, it's about the increased fetishization of the male body and its widespread imprinting in us from our easy access to pornography. Plus, the depersonalizingly efficient hook-up apps like Grindr.

Puzzlingly absent from his discussion are his friends, his buddies, the guys you hang with when you go to the bar or wherever. Even Millenials who watched Queer As Folk know about that, at least "about" that. The public space has become vacant. Friends need to be made there, even if they can be kept in private.

Gay Travels in the Muslim World

I told Sir Edmund (my GBE) my concerns about Tangier sounding jaded in Joe Ambrose's story "Tenth Story Love Song."  His response: "Tangier is divine!  Straight teens will slow dance with you."

"The End of Eddy" by Édouard Louis …

— will be released on May 2!

"Before I had a chance to rebel against the world of my childhood, that world rebelled against me. In truth, confronting my parents, my social class, its poverty, racism and brutality came second. From early on I provoked shame and even disgust from my family and others around me. The only option I had was to get away somehow. This book is an effort to understand all that.”

The End of Eddy  has been enthusiastically received in the UK and that nearby continent. Amazon is offering a pre-order price guarantee of $23. New (cheaper!) copies of the British paperback are available through third-parties. I'm very eager to read this. Should I wait or should I buy!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Yet another Bookmen DC title in the news!

Writing in today's Washington Post, Book World Editor Ron Charles reports that Garth Greenwell is one of the finalists for the 2016 PEN/Faulkner Award for What Belongs to You, which we discussed back in January.  Are we astute judges of literary talent or what?!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

"Anal Resilience"

So called by Jane Ward (p. 43). Curious, I googled. Unsurprisingly the first dozen hits were hers. Unexpectedly, but still unsurprising, the next dozen—female porn stars. (Guys never get the recognition.) But sandwiched somewhere in between was this  pdf  on “The nature of piles”. Which begins:

Few who reach middle age can claim never to have had any symptoms related to the anus.

What a promising beginning. One would think it better not to continue. But the good doctor, J Alexander-Williams, does:

Thomson has shown elegantly, if not originally, that what many regard as piles are normal vascular cushions. We all have them, and they are as natural as the vascular cusions at the upper end of the alimentary tract that we call lips.

Are you still with me? Leaving nothing out:

We are prepared to accept a wide variety of lips: thick lips, pouting lips, petulant lips, wet lips, and even hot lips. Similarly, variations in the vascular cushions at the anus should possibly be regarded as signs of character rather than disease.

Now I lay me down to sleep. You’ve got the link.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Butch & Bonded

Just a word on my reading so far of the book we're discussing this Wednesday, Not Gay. I found the first chapter something of a slog (theory!). But I've just finished the second chapter and find it much more readable and entertaining. So if Chapter 1 has you mired in a Slough of Despond, skip it!

And once you make it to page 139, you will have learned that surfers are an ideal (if not, the ideal) of straight men who want to have sex with men (with straight men). The cover, even so, might still be a little hard to read. Hence, this link.