Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lambs and Dogs

Sorry to have missed the discussion  of  The Carnivorous Lamb.  I'd be interested to know if anyone has done a study about what might seem a logical coincidence of anarchy and homosexuality. Emma Goldman and her husband Alexander Berkman come to mind.  Others?

Speaking of coincidence, it is amusing that this month's reading,  We Think the World of You, should occur just as I've acquired two dogs.  As I've said to friends, after batting zero on for the last year, it seemed the simplest path to having someone to share meals.  Having now read all four of Ackerley's books and started into the Parker biography it seems Joe Ackerley would would agree: to quote from the appendix to his My Father and Myself,  "I was just under fifty when this animal [Tulip] came into my hands, and the fifteen years she lived with me were the happiest of my life."  While I expect Koukou and JoJo to supply a share of happiness, I will be sad to miss the Ackerley discussion on their account.  — Giogio