Saturday, October 8, 2011

La Clef de "Caracole"

Robert and I have put our heads together and have, with an authoritative assist, come up with a who's who:

Gabriel Keith Fleming (White's nephew)
Angelica his girlfriend at the time
Mateo Edmund White / Richard Howard
Mathilde Susan Sontag
Edwige Keith McDermott (White's boyfriend at the time)
Constantine David Del Tredici
Daniel David Rieff
Walter Richard Sennett
Claude David's girlfriend at the time.


DCSteve1441 said...

Belated thanks to Tim and Robert for compiling this glossary. I'd already figured out a few of these on my own but appreciate having a full list of dramatis personae.

Cheers, Steve

Tom said...

I am going to re-read "The Boy with the Thorn in his Side" before I revisit "Caracole". Right now I am not seeing Keith Fleming as the inspiration for Gabriel.