Monday, June 5, 2017

Jon Hamm Reads Walt Whitman's Lost Novel!

Back in February, I posted a report here that a  researcher  had turned up Walt Whitman's long-lost, never published novel, The Life and Adventures of Jack Engle.  Published anonymously, and presumably serially, in the New York Sunday Dispatch 165 years ago, only one copy survives—in the Library of Congress.  But you can read the whole thing  here.

In the Book World section of the June 4 Washington Post, Katherine Powers reports that Jon Hamm is the narrator for an audio book version that was released on May 30, the day before Whitman's 198th birthday.  Powers notes the appropriateness of that casting, given that Whitman's protagonist is an orphan with a mysterious past—and so was Don Draper, Hamm's breakout role in "Mad Men."

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