Sunday, June 4, 2017

For Those with the Books and Wanting More

Those who go back far enough (almost fifteen years) now have occasion to recall that in the first book of poetry we read — J.D. McClatchy's Love Speaks Its Name — we read two of Mark Doty's poems: "The Death of Antinoüs" (from the earlier collection Bethlehem in Broad Daylight) and "The Embrace" (from the later Sweet Machine). The McClatchy is a nice anthology and worth owning.

More familiar perhaps because three years later (or many more months in the discussing) Timothy Liu's encyclopedic Word of Mouth had our own "Difference," "Crêpe du Chine" from Atlantis, and "Where You Are" from Sweet Machine again.

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DCSteve1441 said...

Thanks, Tim. I knew we'd read some Doty but was too lazy to leaf through my stacks!

Cheers, Steve