Tuesday, January 31, 2017

now what?

For those of you unfortunates (myself included) who have finished What Belongs to You and want more, Garth Greenwell has a wonderful homepage with links to other Bulgarian stories and to anecdotes about the composition, revision, publishing etc of his novel. There are also worthwhile non-fiction pieces, such as his Buzzfeed article on "How I Fell in Love with the Beautiful Art of Cruising."

Update: Greenwell had a fairly successful career as a poet before he ventured to Bulgaria and prose. The Beloit Poetry Journal published several of his poems. "Portrait with Hood and Bindings" is particularly striking.


DCSteve1441 said...

Your (deliberately?) ambiguous wording leaves me wondering whether you are among the unfortunates because you want more Greenwell--or because you read the novel?

Cheers, Steve

Tim said...

No, it's ambiguity without effort (or intention). I'm actually glad to be in a position to be re-reading What Belongs to You.