Monday, December 21, 2015

Eminent Outlaws

I wish I had been at last week's meeting.  I searched for a parking space for 45 minutes to no avail.  Two of my comments/criticisms would have been 1) I felt Bram had too much esteem for Maupin.  I've enjoyed some of his books but I would never put him in a category w/ James Baldwin or many of the others.  2) I saw "Angels in America" in New York (Kathleen Chalfant, Joe Mantello, Jeffrey Wright, Cynthia Nixon and F. Murray Abraham as Roy Cohn so there must have been some cast changes when I got there).  After both parts I thought it was one of the best pieces of theater I had ever seen.  Then I saw the National Tour and didn't feel the same way.  I got to thinking, "Was it the acting or was I just caught up in the hype about the New York production?"  I would love to know what others thought of the play.


Tim said...

Sorry you had trouble parking. There'll be more on that later. Meanwhile, many of us (everyone who expressed an opinion) agree with you about Bram and Maupin. But Bram did make me think that maybe I had shortchanged "The Night Listener." He also gave me a new view of "Perestroika," which I've generally regarded as a mess. One of these days I will re-read it (again!) and maybe concur. I've been very happy with "Eminent Outlaws."

Robert Muir said...

I've also been very happy w/ "Eminent Outlaws." Just disappointed that I only made the first meeting on it. Ditto on "The Night Listener." Maybe I will revisit it. Have you read "Between the World and Me?" (Ta-Nehisi Coates) I loved it. However, there was a segment on "This American Life" in which he was interviewed after it won the National Book Award and I worry the acclaim may have gotten to him.