Friday, January 9, 2015

Now that we've got your attention …

Just to help along John's query (below), there's an article in glbtq and a "User Wiki" List (not sure what that is—the "user" part, I mean).

John doesn't expect much along this line of inquiry, and neither do I, but it would be fun to have a list of compositions (or even just moments or passages) that strike readers as "gay" (with or without peignoir).

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DCSteve1441 said...

Thanks, Tim. I have this CD, along with several others issued along the same lines during the early 1990s, but haven't listened to them in years. While I recall enjoying them, I was also a tad embarrassed by the crass commercialism and the whiff of special pleading. One of them even included Gershwin and Chopin among the composers purported to be gay! (Perhaps someone didn't realize George Sand was a she? :-)

A couple of decades later, though, my judgment isn't nearly so harsh. If such products exposed new audiences to classical music, then it was worth it. Cheers, Steve