Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hey, Jude!

Those of you who were unable to join us for our discussion of Jonathan Galassi's poetry collection, Left-Handed, may be interested in the following New York Times profile / interview, published on Jan. 27, 2012: "Contradictions of the Heart." In it, you'll learn who the real-life "Jude" was, and what happened between the two men in real life. (Hint: Not as much as the poems imply.)


Tim said...

And in that article there are links to a profile on Bill Clegg (the original of “Jude”) and to his addiction memoir (both extract and review). That memoir and its sequel on his recovery are compulsively readable. Keep the Lights On is Ira Sachs’ movie about his nine-year relationship with Bill Clegg. Bill, Jude, Paul, Mizzy: almost makes the Michael Cunningham By Nightfall worth having read. Not unfortunately a “roman à clef” but still good at last to have the “clef”.

Terry said...

Glad I'm reading the book -- after reading this interview -- even if I missed that session. Thanks for posting it.