Thursday, September 6, 2012

BookMen's Disco Faves

Very good discussion last night about Alice Echols' Hot Stuff. I only regret that none of our younger readers showed up. We who did have lived through that era (some even danced through it—ecstatically!). I would have been most interested to have learned what disco had meant to someone who hadn't and how that perception had been altered by reading the book. All who attended enthusias-tically recommend Hot Stuff, if any young or old have been sitting on the sidelines wondering. I include the Saturday Night Fever poster because the book in all its multi-facetedness opened my eyes widest about this movie. I'm not sure I want to re-view it but I do feel as though I was formerly perhaps too dismissive. Anyhow, everyone loves a list and here's everyone's chance to pile on. Email me or better add a comment listing your (next) favorite three and I'll add them to the list below.
 "Make Me Believe in You" — Patti Jo          — 1973
              "Giving Up" — Zulema            — 1973
          "Dancing Queen" — Abba              — 1976
          "Kiss Me Again" — Dinosaur          — 1977
            "I Feel Love" — Donna Summer      — 1978
         "I Will Survive" — Gloria Gaynor     — 1978
         "Heart of Glass" — Blondie           — 1979
              "Hot Stuff" — Donna Summer      — 1979
          "We Are Family" — Sister Sledge     — 1979
               "Y.M.C.A." — Village People    — 1979
"Is It All Over My Face?" — Loose Joints      — 1980
      "Don't You Want Me" — The Human League  — 1981
      "Do You Wanna Funk" — Sylvester         — 1982
       "It's Raining Men" — The Weather Girls — 1982
                 "Gloria" — Laura Branigan    — 1982
P.S. I threw this together quickly. If anyone has a better youtube link, please let me know.


Terry said...

Saturday Night Live was an amazing film, with its sweet and rhythmic numbers. Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff," the title of the book, is one of my favorites, as is Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive." And of course, Abba and their many hits, especially "Dancing Queen."

DCSteve1441 said...

As we discussed at our meeting, I never felt that strongly about disco, though if I were a better dancer I probably would have become a devotee. But several songs on Tim's list have long been favorites of mine: "I Will Survive," "YMCA," and "It's Raining Men."

Cheers, Steve