Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Too Much Flesh!?

After reading the first of the essays assigned in Fifty Gay and Lesbian Books, I googled Coleman Dowell to see how preposterous he was. I landed on the Amazon site of his book, "Too Much Flesh and Jabez" and found that the image on the cover was not reproduced unless you click on the image. With good reason, as can be seen here. After reading the critique, you will understand the reason why.


Tim said...

Terry googles, we goggle — good piece of detective work! I would never have thought to click the "?". Montague Glover, the photographer of the cover pic, is himself worth a look-see on Wikipedia. (Sorry no links possible in comments.)

Anonymous said...

Montague Glover's photographs of his lover and other boys/young men (the picture shown is of his lover) can be found in a book called A Class Apart by James Gardiner. -- Philip