Tuesday, July 24, 2012

what older women can come with

People may already know about John Irving's new novel In One Person. Stephen Abell has what strikes me as a very fair review—admission: I'm not a huge Irving fan (World According to Garp, Cider House Rules, etc)—of both the author and this work in the July 13th issue of the TLS. This novel about a man more gay than bi may be one we'll want to place in our "Books We Have Read" (below). There's one sentence picked up from the review (in an animadversion against exlamation marks [!]) that gave me a laugh:

Miss Frost was an older woman, and that goes a long way with boys—even if the older woman has a penis!

(One likes to think the "older" was a far distance of the long way.)


Jeff S said...

I started to read this book, got through 80 or so pages, and found it very uninteresting; I'm not exactly sure why. I think it relies on the subject matter (transgender) to carry a lot of the novelty, and it doesn't cut it for those who don't view it as a novelty. I think a more serious read would be Transister Radio.

Tim said...

… by Chris Bohjalian ("Trans-Sister Radio") — thanks for the rec!