Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Us!

This month BookmenDC (nee BoysnBooks) marks its 13th birthday as an organization. We started meeting in 1999, making us the D.C. area's oldest continuously-operating gay book group, and one of the longer-operating GLBT social organizations in the area. Definitely a milestone worth celebrating!


Tim said...

This month (May) and indeed tomorrow (May 11)! It also is close to three years that DCSteve has been facilitating for us—much gratitude and kudos!—and in about that many more weeks he will becomes the next-to-longest serving facilitator in our history (a record not soon to be broken).

Brandon Shire said...

Wow, just stumbled across your blog. 13 years is quiet a feat in this day and age when it comes to book groups. Congrats!