Wednesday, August 10, 2011

eine kleine research project

apophallation: eating dick, literally … as in, off!
apofellatio : getting off task, losing focus,
particularly near the finish

One of these is a real word, the other ought to be. You go figure. I could give you links—I could even post videos—but reverting to the generally high(er) tone of this blog's entries, I'll refrain. ("Desist" might be the more appropriate term given recent uproar, but I'm not taking down the Tiny Alice hyena video!)

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DCSteve1441 said...

Thanks, Tim. Admittedly, I had a 50/50 shot, but I'm still pleased that I figured out which of the two words was real. That said, I love your neologism!

For what it's worth, when I entered it in Google, your posting was the sole search result. :-) Kudos! You should submit it next time there is a wordplay contest (a la the W. Post Style Invitational, though I don't think they could get away with publishing it).