Thursday, September 16, 2010


Following up on our discussion last night: John Musto's setting of Melvin Dixon's poem, "Heartbeats" (p. 86 in Persistent Voices) is the title track of a beautiful CD titled "Heartbeats: New Songs from the Minnesota AIDS Quilt Songbook" (INNOVA No. 500, 1994). William Parker is the baritone and William Huckaby is the pianist. I no longer recall where I acquired the CD, but would hope it's available for sale online (I haven't checked, though). Cheers, Steve

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Tim said...

Seems to have been recorded twice, the INNOVA you cite and a Harmonia Mundi (appear to be two different collections). I was interested to learn your reading was influenced by the song, and the snatches I was able to preview were very musical. Somehow I still hear the poem in a very metronomic way—certainly not the only way, nor even the obviously preferable, but what my ear is stuck with.