Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blàdé article

The Washington Blade has an article about local gay book groups and mirabile lectu we made the cut. Any readers clever enough, however, to have found their way to this site should pay careful attention to the details (particularly scheduling) on this main page sidebar.

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Tom Wischer said...

I sent this email to the editor of the Blade:

Dear Mr. Knaff,

The members of our diverse community have many cultural interests. I realize that your publication cannot possibly cover all events, cultural groups, or clubs. I am pleased, however, that the Washington Blade makes an effort to cover the LGBTQ literary scene. Last week’s article reported on the Big Gay Book Group and Bookmen DC, two groups that offer a venue for people with similar literary interests to meet, discuss books, and share their ideas. I am a member of Bookmen DC and would like to correct an error in the article. The article calls me a “co-founder” of the group. I am not a co-founder, but I did attend the first meeting on May 11, 1999. The founders of the group were three Whitman Walker staff members, one of whom was Bill Malone, but the group was not an officially sponsored by the clinic.

I also noticed that the article did not provide the contact information of Big Gay Book Group or Bookmen DC for those readers who might be interested in learning more about the groups or attending meetings of the groups. I believe that Steve Honley, who is Bookmen DC’s current coordinator/facilitator gave this information for our group to the reporter that interviewed us. BookMen DC’s website is . We have also recently started a Facebook group called BookMen DC.

Thanks again for the Blade’s coverage of the LGBTQ literary scene.


Tom Wischer