Saturday, April 10, 2010

Persisting Readings

Quite a good turn out at the "Special Event" readings from Persistent Voices, about forty people, six of them Book Men, few seats unoccupied. For those who missed and those who want to remember, here is the program (thanks to Philip):

Philip Clark performed:
"Invisible History" by Walta Borawski
"Things Are Still Sudden & Wonderful" by Walta Borawski
"The Woman Who Kept the Boy Who Kept Cats" by Richard Ronan

Richard McCann performed:
"The Mystical Life" by Jim Everhard
"Future Text Panel" by Tory Dent (poem not in Persistent Voices)
"Between Us" by David Matias

Kim Roberts performed:
"As Goes Diana Ross, So Goes the Nation" by Chasen Gaver
"1970" by Joe Brainard
"Selections from I Remember" by Joe Brainard

Bernard Welt performed:
"Sonnet" by Donald Britton
"Notes on the Articulation of Time" by Donald Britton
"If I Were Bertolt Brecht" by Tim Dlugos
"Pretty Convincing" by Tim Dlugos

Wayson Jones and Michelle Parkerson performed together:
"Postscript (Dear Motherfuckin Dreams)" by Essex Hemphill

Wayson Jones performed:
"American Wedding" by Essex Hemphill
Unpublished poems by Essex Hemphill

Michelle Parkerson performed:
"Black Beans" by Essex Hemphill
"Sister Lesbos" by Donald Woods

NB: all but one of these poems are still up for discussion at future meetings!

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DCSteve1441 said...

Thanks, Tim. And congratulations again to Philip, both for this event and his work on the book. :-)