Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Author's Notes: "Pop Trickster Fool"

Kelly Cresap has kindly provided some advance reading notes for his book Pop Trickster Fool:

Heads-up—this was originally my PhD dissertation at UVA's English program. Brainiac alert! Revising afterward for U. Illinois, I worked hard to make it as accessible as possible. But I remember one person glancing through it and saying, "Hey, where are the photos?"

The gay material comes out mostly in chapters 2 and 4. I'm especially interested in hearing responses to my two-part position on camp taste in chapter 4.

In chapter 1, pages 1-16 provide a layperson's introduction to my project. Some members of the Book Men group may want to skip the more heady theoretical material in the rest of this chapter.

The "Free Andy Open Forum" section (pp. 142-176) gives an easy-access overview of Warhol's sprawling and multifaceted career. Chapter 3 is also easy-access.

We'll be discussing Pop Trickster Fool on May 5 and Kelly will join us for the second half of our discussion.

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