Thursday, May 4, 2017

"More interesting as a paranoiac than as a pederast"

Those of you who were unable to join the 10 of us for last night's discussion of "The Green Bay Tree" missed a great session!

As I promised at the end of our session, here are three online reviews of the play for your reading pleasure.  The first is The Spectator  review of the April 1950 revival, from which I have taken the title of this posting.  (I suspect, by the way, that the final sentence on the page, which trails off, ends with the phrase "twentieth century," but that's merely a guess.)

The second pair of reviews, from The Guardian and The New York Timesdiscuss the 2014 staging that forms the basis of the edition most of us used for our discussion.  No prizes for guessing which side of the pond gave the play a more sympathetic review!

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Tim said...

How clever of Shairp to have created a play that revolts every generation — it guarantees revivals! And then when sometime in the future playgoers are no more revolted by Dulcie than by Iago, The Green Bay Tree will survive on its own merits as a minor masterpiece