Thursday, March 16, 2017

"The End of Eddy" by Édouard Louis …

— will be released on May 2!

"Before I had a chance to rebel against the world of my childhood, that world rebelled against me. In truth, confronting my parents, my social class, its poverty, racism and brutality came second. From early on I provoked shame and even disgust from my family and others around me. The only option I had was to get away somehow. This book is an effort to understand all that.”

The End of Eddy  has been enthusiastically received in the UK and that nearby continent. Amazon is offering a pre-order price guarantee of $23. New (cheaper!) copies of the British paperback are available through third-parties. I'm very eager to read this. Should I wait or should I buy!

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DCSteve1441 said...

Thanks, Robert. I've pre-ordered this! :-)