Thursday, August 4, 2016

"Always a godfather, never a god..."

Here's the review by Andrew Holleran that I mentioned last night at the discussion of In Bed with Gore Vidal. If the book had had photos, it might have included this one of Gore Vidal with sidekick Wendy Stark and unknown model.

For those interested in visiting his grave at Rock Creek Cemetery, look for this marker that Gore inspected after Austen died.

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Tim said...

Model is Chad White — hardly unknown (I'd know that ass anywhere!).

As for Rock Creek Cemetery, it's a big place. Go East of the church into Section E (where most famously Saint-Gaudens' "Grief" is). Gore and Howard are buried near the eastern border. Vidal, I understand, was only finally interred there this June. (He certainly wasn't there two years ago.)