Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Pentateuch of Pederastic Snuff

Closer is the first volume of Dennis Cooper's "George Miles Cycle". We're discussing only that opener next Wednesday but for those who might be curious what it opens to, there's probably no better statement of intention than Dennis Cooper's own.

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Joe Bartl said...

In today's NYT there is a review of Kate Atkinson's new novel, A God in Ruins". While the book and review have no bearing on our Cooper discussion, the following quote from the review might spark an interesting line of thought re Closer: "Maybe the realistic novel has outlived its usefulness. (God knows we’ve all read some boring ones.) Maybe it’s time to wean ourselves off plot and character and scenes and conflict and all the rest, just leave those things to television. Maybe the most we can hope for on the page is a pinpoint focus on the writer in front of us, the adventures of a single consciousness at play." -- Giogio