Monday, April 27, 2015

Off the Good Ship Lollipop

The perfect travel poster for Dennis Cooper's Closer, which we discuss next Wednesday! It's a short book (130 pages) and reads fast. You could wait till the night before (or the day of, depending on your work schedule). But I've found a rereading extraordinarily useful. There are seven points-of-view and and least three different narrative voices. Putting them all together can be a challenge. So I recommend cracking the book open and reading the first chapter "John: The Beginner" (16 pages) so that if you do think you might want a reread, you'll have a chance. Of course, again depending on your work schedule, if you read and like it the night before, you could reread it the day following. WARNING: some people will not want or be able to finish the book. You'll find out who you are soon enough.

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