Monday, December 16, 2013

Mary and the Mendl's Son

A recent issue of The Times Literary Supplement (11/29/13) includes Daniel Mendelsohn's introduction to the Folio Society's "Alexandriad" (pictured below). The issue also contains a re-review of Renault's The Charioteer, published sixty years ago. Unfortunately, each article is behind the TLS paywall. As was Mendelsohn's "Personal History" in the 1/7/13 issue of The New Yorker about Mary Renault in his life, both before and after their first meeting. These are worth reading if you're on friendly terms with your local library. There is a supplementary video, however, which anyone can see. The playback can be quirky (web traffic?) and oddly improves when expanded to your monitor's full screen (by clicking on the icon of a rectangle with arrows coming out of each corner).

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