Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Paul's Case" — Third Time

The "case" in the short story by Willa Cather, which we read last year, is both a legal and a medical one: respectively of embezzlement and of "temperament". Christopher Benfey, reviewing a new biography of a gilded-age prototype of Bernie Madoff, suggests a third "case" … of implicit social protest, of paupers tricking their way into the gilded cage of robber barons. (Thanks to John for this notice.)


Anonymous said...

"Paul's Case" is discussed (at some length) in David Halperin's new book "How to Be Gay".
/ Jim Jacobs -- a friend of Ken Jost's

Tim said...

Oh dear … after reading What Do Gay Men Want? and reading about How to be Gay (v.s.) I was thinking I could pass up extended commentary on Mildred Pierce. I have no such luxury, however, with "Paul's Case" ("Detestable girl, but I require tea!").