Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Unsheltered Movie

Finally got around to seeing Bertolucci's "adaptation" and even with the lowest of expectations managed to have them not met … or exceeded … I'm not sure which — but the upshot is it was terrible! Surprisingly so for the director of Last Tango in Paris. To paraphrase Clara Peller, "Where's the butter!?" A nice film to watch if you're into meharis on eregs. Plus a great shot of an ostrich (sorry I don't know the recherché Arabism), the mascot of the movie, whose director dug his head into the sand to escape the novel he was supposed to be filming.

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jeff said...

I watched it recently as well and thought it failed to capture any complexity of the characters. The lead actress's performance was dismal. I did enjoy seeing the enactment of Port's visit to the prostitute in the first city, and Kit's sequestration at the end. However, I had high hopes for her oasis bathing scene and Port's epiphany on the final bus ride but neither really materialized.