Sunday, March 13, 2011


Probably don't need to point out to anyone Randy Shulman's good interview with Edward Albee in the latest MetroWeekly, occasioned by Arena's current and continuing Albee Fest, most of which is free (?) and at least some of which some of us are going to. This raises the question of what we might read by him (having read nothing). Malcolm—both Purdy's novella and Albee's adaptation—seems an obvious choice, except that the Purdy I think is o.o.p. Of course, anything by Albee is arguably a candidate (ex persona, as it were). At Home at the Zoo—old "Zoo Story" with its new prequel "Home Life"—might be a good recommendation. Others?


Heath said...

I read Tiny Alice recently and found it intriguing from start to electrifying finish. In fact, I intend on hearing one of the readings next week at Arena Stage to see if I can get anything more from a second reading. I think Tiny Alice would make for an invigorating discussion.

DCSteve1441 said...

Thanks, Tim. If you think of it, please remind me next time I solicit nominations for the reading list (late spring/early summer, most likely) to go back through the blog for these and other suggestions.

And, of course, I trust you'll nominate "Tiny Alice" or something else by Albee...

Cheers, Steve