Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Way of All Flesh

I met Edmund White in New York a few years back and we keep in contact often. He's been a generous guide to my own personal reading. I told him a little about our group and that we were reading "The Way of All Flesh." He was impressed w/ our group and the books we pick (I think his exact words were, "Your group is so serious."). He asked me if we've ever read "The Leopard" and then suggested I read this blurb he wrote.

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Tim said...

"So serious!" I hope he said that with a smile, a camp lilt. We try not to be (Fool's Errand, Fun Home, Queen Lucia, B-Boy Blues, Beautiful Thing, Rainbow Boys, The Kid, Dress Your Family, All I Could Bare, The Front Runner, Lust Unearthed) but perhaps the effort is manifest in the list. Worse, as I look it over, is how under-represented Ed White himself might seem to be (as compared, say, to the deprecable Larry Kramer). Book Men, any gay reading group, could—I'm speaking only for myself, I suppose—could on the variety of his works limit itself to his books alone (the Edmund White Reading Group). We've read several books based partly on his blurbs and one that I love (Barry McCrea's The First Verse) owing entirely to his recommendation. Though I admire Michael Cunningham and Alan Hollinghurst, I'm uncomfortable with having read three each of their works when there are still so many novelists we haven't read at all … e.g. Edmund White! Maybe we can remedy that soon, but with something not so obvious, like Caracole.