Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Companion to Evelyn Waugh's "Brideshead Revisited"

Greetings, Fellow Bookmen--

While searching online for the definition of a particularly obscure (to me, anyway) reference in our current novel, I found a "m-m-m-most m-m-m-marvelous site"--as dear Anthony Blanche might describe it, though of course he would never need it! Anyway, I commend it to you all: by David Cliffe

You can even search the British and American editions (which I haven't done yet, but one day hope to do).

Cheers, Steve


DCSteve1441 said...

Oops! Scrolling down, I see that Tim beat me to the punch on this. Kudos to him for bringing it to our collective attention first..:-)

Abashedly, Steve

Terry said...

This really is a wonderful site -- it answered all the queries I had (halma, Black Oliver biscuits, Max, FE, Jeroboam, stumer, "Warning Shadows," etc..) Thanks for finding it, Tim.