Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hidden History on The New Gay Net

Our very "own" Philip is now a weekly columnist on The New Gay ("for everyone over the rainbow"), writing about DC's "Hidden History." Quick, read his first column about Pornograpers & Poets today—the second comes out tomorrow! A few more clicks will lead you to discover the general value of this website, which accurately bills itself as "An Online Resource for Alternative Queer Events and Ideas in Washington DC."

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DCSteve1441 said...

Thanks very much, Tim; and congratulations, Philip! His second post just went up, discussing Edward Carpenter on the special role of gays and lesbians:

Hidden History: The Labor Day Edition:
> 2008/09/hidden-history-labor-day-edition.html

One small correction: Philip's inaugural posting is actually titled "Pornographers & Poets" (though I like the implicit idea of pornographers "grap"pling! :-)

Cheers, Steve Honley