Thursday, November 1, 2007

Coleman Dowell

Richard Canning has a review of Coleman Dowell's work in the latest Gay and Lesbian Review. Coleman Dowell? I was a little less ignorant from just having read Ed White's short essay about him in his recent collection, Arts and Letters. There are three major novels: Island People (1976), Too Much Flesh and Jabez (1977), and White on Black on White (1983). The first two have been reissued by the estimable Dalkey Archive, the third is putatively still in print in England. I'm keen on reading and discussing one of these but a little unsure which to choose. Anyone read these, have any ideas? I'm inclined toward Island People, since it's the first and supposedly the best but Too Much Flesh and Jabez looks like a lot of fun. I'll put a link up to Canning's review if/when it becomes available.

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